My name is  Sami Goldsteen and I am 13 years old.  When I was six my mom was diagnosed with a rare form of stomach cancer.  I have two younger sisters and an amazing dad who was able to manage all of the craziness.  I understand that many people are not as lucky as we are and that this can  be very challenging.  I know that during these times the No. 1 priority is to help get them the best medical care  so they will be better in no time.  I am so lucky to have a dad that was able to manage everything going on.  Me and my family also have amazing friends and extended family who were more than happy to help.  I know while dealing with this many children are sometimes forgotten because this is such a tough time.  For my Bat Mitzvah project I wanted to find a way to make it easier for the families to give their children the attention they need.  I want the children to feel they are living a fun childhood, while their parents feel their child is happy. I also did not want parents to feel that they couldn't afford these fun things for their kids because they have to pay all their medical care.  So I asked many stores for gift card donations to help my cause.  Thanks to many stores willing to help, and my amazing family I will be giving everyone a chance to laugh, smile, and love everyday. 


What WE DO


What We Do

We connect you and your family to different websites, companies and activities to make you and your child's life as normal as possible.  Our number one priority is children. We want them to go through a normal childhood where they get to laugh and smile, every day. We also want them to understand what cancer is -- without being so scared. The way we did this was by connecting you with the activities they need to maintain a steady life. It also lets you relax a little and not have so much on your mind.  We understand how stressful this can be and we help you get through all the challenges. 

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